A Good Place to Start

Good Hart. It’s not only a small, picturesque town along the western shoreline in Michigan, but it’s also the focal point of inspiration for Matilda Jane Clothing’s new 2013 Spring line. At the beginning of the year, we developed a “sneak peak” moodbook specifically for the company’s Trunk Keepers (the folks who sell the goods) to get a firsthand look at this fun, bright collection before it was officially announced.

Just like the clothing itself, we wanted to make the most of the current patterns and colors, infusing them into the design alongside a story that captures the soul of the brand—a brand that prides itself on being “unpredictable.” We started by creating a logo that felt like it could be seen inside the popular General Store in Good Hart. The pillow-y heart shape follows on the tradition of previous work with lines like House of Clouds and the hand-lettering is becoming more visible in their current communications. The content contains an eclectic mix of provided candid vacation photos, inspirational materials and a few snapshots of girls sporting the new line. We printed this 12-pager on thick linen stock to give it a nice, substantial feel.

I also thought it’d enhance the privileged/sneak peak feeling by creating a unique/custom wrap for the piece. There’s a new pattern in the line involving a peach tree so I took cues from that and developed a flowing ring of leaves that when die-cut makes a unique shape that locks together at the front of the moodbook. I think it is a good contrast with the teal color on the cover.

Good Hart launches on March 1st.